ITAC CFP Proposal Submission

Full Proposal Submission

Round 26 submission window for Collaborative Research Projects proposals will open from April 1, 2019 and will close on April 30, 2019 with new deadlines depending on the CFP type as follow;

  • PRP submission deadline: April 13, 2019 at 3 PM.
  • ARP submission deadline: April 20, 2019 at 3 PM.
  • PDP submission deadline: April 30, 2019 at 3 PM.

Please use the proposal package templates and read the updated guides under “Guides, Templates and Publications” section.

ITAC CFP Categories

  • Product Development Projects (PDP): which start with a prototype and end with a final product.The budget ceiling is EGP 2,500,000 (a partial reimbursement).
  • Advanced Research Projects (ARP): which start with a proof-of-concept and end with a prototype.The budget ceiling is EGP 1,500,000 (a partial reimbursement).
  • Preliminary Research Projects (PRP): which start with an idea and end in a proof-of-concept. The budget ceiling is EGP 250,000.


Submitted proposals should lie within the following areas:

  • Strategic Areas: Wireless and Cyber Security, Electronics and Embedded Systems for ICT Applications, ICT for Homeland Security, ICT for Transportation, ICT for Health, ICT for Agriculture, ICT for the Disabled, ICT for Education, ICT for Energy.
  • Technology-Trend Areas: Mobile Applications and Computing, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Big Data , Internet of Things, Gamification, Cognitive Computing, Smart Machines, Blockchain , and Virtual and Augmented Reality .
  • Demand-Driven Areas: Determined based on specific needs of governmental bodies, ministries, governorates, ...etc.

Proposals incorporating the use of open-source technologies and software-defined technologies are encouraged. The above areas are updated based on global technological reports and national needs.


Joint Program for Co-operation signed by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), on the 4th July, 2016.

The objective of the joint Egyptian-Spanish program is to promote and fund market - driven research and technology development as well as to encourage partnerships and business-Ied R&D&I collaborative projects between entities from both countries. The Parties agreed to launch joint Calls for Proposals.

The joint call for proposals aims to launch ambitious joint projects of a high international standard between Egyptian and Spanish organizations. Potential projects will be funded by ITIDA in Egypt and CDTI in Spain.

Consortia (Spanish and Egyptian applicants) shall submit the joint application and all the required documents mentioned above following CDTI’s normal guidelines for Spanish Companies. Egyptian Consortium should follow ITAC normal guidelines at ITAC webpage. Spanish Companies should submit the joint project application to CDTI´s electronic application system (Sede electrónica CDTI).Only for applying Spanish companies.Gestión de Ayudas - Área Privada

Following ESITIP call (ITIDA-CDTI) guidelines

You don’t have a Spanish Partner?

To facilitate the matchmaking between Egyptian and Spanish partners, please:

Please refer to Guides, Templates and Publications section for ESITIP documents.

ITAC MatchIT (Pre-proposal)

To help our stakeholders find the right partner, the ITAC MatchIT service aims at matchmaking the academic teams with IT companies and vice-versa, by receiving brief concept-notes or pre-proposals from potential partners.

ITAC MatchIT Pre-proposal Submission

If you are looking for a partner, submit a brief concept-note or pre-proposal by filling the the pre-proposal information and then send the pre-proposal package to with the subject line “ITAC Pre-proposal: xxx” using the pre-proposal template available at the Guides, Templates and Publications section.

The submission will be closed by February 21, 2019

ITAC MatchIT Current Pre-proposals

  • If you are interested to see a list of currently available pre-proposals submitted by potential partners, please download the lists at pre-proposals submitted by ICT companies and pre-proposals submitted by academia.
  • If your research team is interested in one or more of the pre-proposals, please register through the following form.
  • If your ICT company is interested in one or more of the pre-proposals, please register through the following form.

Indicators and Policies

Project Success Indicators

Each concluded project is assessed every year against the following indicators:

Partial Fund Return Policy

A partial fund return policy is applied to all ARPs and PDPs according to the following rules:

  • For ARPs: The ICT company will be required to return 10% of the ITAC fund to the project over the span of one year, which starts one year after the project closure.
  • For PDPs: The ICT company will be required to return 30% of the ITAC fund to the project over the span of two years, which starts one year after the project closure.
  • If the ICT company benefited from the ITAC fund in a previous project, the above percentages will be increased by 5% for each previously funded ARP and 10% for each previously funded PDP.The previous increase in fund return percentages is waived for ARPs and PDPs with positive KPIs supported by proper documents.
  • The ICT company should return the due amount before receiving any further support from the program.

Proposal Resubmission Policy

Rejected proposals may resubmit in a future round upon addressing the review committee comments indicated in the decision message and report. The ITAC accepts one resubmission for a rejected proposal. If a resubmitted proposal is rejected, then this proposal cannot be resubmitted again.